Recently, Victoria’s Secret has decided to change its branding strategy replacing the VS fallen angels with the VS collective.

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Even though it is a positive change for the fashion industry, it is as well a very controversial move due to the history of the company and the reasons behind it.

Let’s remember 2018 when people were asking themselves: why doesn't VS put plus size and trans models on their runway? Vogue magazine interviewed Ed Razek (chief marketing officer of VS’s parent Company) and he said that they shouldn’t have plus size or trans models, because the brand was supposed to sell a “fantasy”. Implicitly suggesting that including them could ruin it.

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After a few days Razek apologized via twitter, but it was too late. Competing brands, such as Fenty, have stolen the market with a message of body positivity, and the audiences were still criticizing VS's position.

In 2019 after all the consumer backlash and apparently a downward spiral sale, Victora’s Secret closed 53 of its stores — roughly 4% of the company’s 1,143 Victoria’s Secret stores worldwide and L Brands shares fell more than 34% that year.

“There’s a big belief in the company that we need to evolve,” said John Mehas, head of Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, speaking at L Brands’ Investors Day in September 2019.

On August 2020 Raznek left the Company giving the space for a completely new management.Victoria’s Secret changes its position on inclusion by hiring its first trans model Valentina Sampaio for a Pink campaign.

Image via: New York Times

Their new marketing strategy, point to a whole new direction, completely opposite to the 3 years ago position. It looks like a very convenient change for the Company. What do you think about it? How do you feel about Victoria's Secret new marketing strategy? Are they hitting the target or could it be a little too late?

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