ECLIPSE Wearable Modular Platform That Combines MR Glasses and Headset

Along the thousand years of evolution of human beings, we have formed a certain bionic and psycho model communicating with the outside world. Ordinarily, the communication tunnel is not a single thread through a particular organ, it is actually working in a mixed information signal field through the inputs which we call five senses of human beings, and commanded by our brain to make bionic reflection.

Currently, most of the wearing electronic products are designed to interact through a single signal input mode, such as the earphone and AR Glasses which has single function but has less multi signal experience. According to the understanding the bionic features of human being, Moonback Innovation wants to create a device that has multi-signal field experience, it will seamlessly fuse into our life and enhance the ability of our conscience and ability in the future.

ECLIPSE is a smart personal terminal device that combines wireless headset and MR Glasses with opening module features, a future smart platform. The extension module makes it possible for users to update and modify the hardware features to have experience they need. The module design is not a simple consideration of updating the product, it has deeper impact to our sustainable environment and makes it lower cost in each update for consumers, which has our will for democratic design.

Integrated with multiple applications like voice control, real-time translation, heart rate sense, fitness couch, schedule management, GPS navigation, entertainment, ECLIPSE project has been designed with intention to build a next generation of smart platform and wearable application eco-system. With advanced computing technology and open developer platform, it rebuilds the music experience to a new level with mixed-reality immersive music-club and emotion-recognition radio, it presents a more dynamic experience of mixed sensibilities.

Thanks to the fast developing 5G technology and advanced computing platform,it becomes possible for people to put down their phone and enjoy their life with a smart personal manager that will help him/her to deal with lots of small cases and answer the requirements whenever and whatever he/she wants to know. This is possibly helpful for people to get rid of unhealthy routine of bothering from fragmented information and becomes more focused on their real important thing.

The main body of ECLIPSE is a wireless headset which is the frame of the whole structure. There’re three extension ports on each side of the headset, the magnetic joint makes it easy for user to install an extension module. When a new extension module is connected, the system will recognize it automatically and active that function in the user interface.

The structure of AR Glasses module has elasticity to better adapt different head sizes, the optical structure is capable with PD adjustment feature. After few steps configuration process, the system will be in the best performance state for the user.

To prevent sudden fallen, the joint between AR glass and headset is strengthened through a buckle structure, when it is correctly installed, the AR glass and the headset will be worked together in an elastic frame, which is relatively reliable.

More images of ECLIPSE Wearable Modular Device:

Moonback Innovation focuses to help their client set up a new standard to the computing platform facing the next generation , this will help it find its unique position in this field in the next 10-20 years.

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